Mission Cowl: Complete!
In the time it took me to watch Monsters University and the Ravens football game, I completed my cowl and Read more.
Obligatory Venting Post
Yesterday at work, I was speaking to a parent on the phone. The parent mentioned that his child was pre-diabetic Read more.
Brrr! It’s Cowl Time!
With the weather in Baltimore getting chillier and chillier…especially when your office still runs the air conditioning every afternoon..it’s time Read more.
Did my pancreas show up to work today?
Ever have a day where, no matter what you eat or drink, your blood sugar just doesn’t want to go Read more.
Hide and Seek
One thing (and maybe the only thing) I liked about my Omnipod was that once I stuck it on, I Read more.
Stop, Calibrate, and Listen.
Up and running on the Minimed 530G. Up until about an hour ago, my numbers correlated with how I felt Read more.
National Diabetes Month
Every year, JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, offers a really neat opportunity. People without diabetes can register for a Read more.
Insulin Pump Woes
At the end of September, I realized I was over Omnipod. Walking around with a beeping golf ball stuck to Read more.