And Then There Was One..
✔️ Physical ✔️ EKG ✔️ Bloodwork   One week from tomorrow, I’ll have surgery on my left wrist. I eventually Read more.
The first thing I notice each morning, is my husband. Sure my alarm clock goes off or the cat bites Read more.
A Simple Resolution
My hope for 2015 is to simply be a better person. By strengthening my relationship with God, this can be Read more.
Gold Medal
I often exclaim to my husband “Guess what?! I didn’t take any pain medication today!”. Does that mean I didn’t Read more.
Brush It Off
To most people, these two brush handles look pretty similar. They’re both for round brushes which a lot of people, Read more.
Tonight marks my 6th Orencia injection. A little part of me expects my body to do a total 360 within Read more.
The Worst Part
Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks. But lately it’s not the constant pain and swelling or the overwhelming fatigue that’s got me down. Read more.
I need
I need everyone to look at this, I loved it! Read more.
Take that!
Days like today mean that I win! Screw you Rheumatoid Arthritis and Type 1 Diabetes! Read more.
My daughter made me this awesome bracelet so I could support all of the Baltimore Birds at once- the Orioles Read more.
My favorite buttons #vw Read more.
I finally had allergy testing done today after years of medications, infections, and countless sneezes. I had the standard (I’m Read more.