Type 1 Diabetes

Keeping it to Yourself 

I’ve been Type 1 Diabetic for 26 years, since I was 9  years old. Growing up, I was on MDI (Multiple Daily Injections). I don’t remember hiding my injections or finger sticks but also don’t remember doing them often at school (this was 26 years ago!).

I’ve been on Insulin Pump Therapy for almost fifteen years. I’ve never really kept it hidden but I try to keep my alarms low so they don’t go off during a meeting, which they always do inevitably. I talk openly about having Type 1 Diabetes and it helps that I work in a pediatric hospital where we have a diabetes program. I often refer to my “purple pancreas” on my side (aka my pump) and don’t make any real effort to hide it around people I know. 

So what do I keep to myself then? Treating low blood sugars. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t want someone to know that I’ve allowed myself to get low (because Type 1 Diabetes is so predictable, right?!). Maybe I don’t want someone to offer to help. Maybe.. I just don’t really know why. When a low blood sugar comes on, I sneak a pack of fruit snacks. I’ve perfected opening the little pouch and pouring them into my hand, all while my hands are inside my purse. I sneak them when people aren’t looking. Same with juice. Just last week, while in the waiting room at my daughter’s doctor, I went to the restroom to drink a little bottle of juice.

I have no problem pricking my finger in the middle of an aisle at Target or pulling my insulin pump out of my dress to bolus. Yet, I’d rather not eat a pack of fruit snacks in front of anyone, let alone a stranger (this doesn’t count my family..they’re lucky enough to get all of me!).  
My secret stash: 


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