I’m still a good mom

It’s 12:30am and I just woke up to find my 13, almost 14, year old daughter sound asleep next to me. This rarely happens but when it does, it either means she couldn’t fall asleep or she’s had a really rough day. Whatever the reason may be, it means the world to me.

Waking up to see her ponytail on the pillow next to me means that just maybe I’m doing an ok job. Just maybe, despite watching me in pain, watching me not being able to make dinner easily sometimes, having to bring me ice packs when I’m crying in pain, and having to deal with me needing rest when she really wants to do something- just maybe, I’m still a good mom.

Just maybe, despite seeing me in tears more than she should have to, despite having to always help me at the grocery store (which she has never once complained about), despite having a “younger” mom who parks in the handicapped spot and uses cane- just maybe, I’m still a good mom.

My little girl’s instinct, when she can’t sleep or something is bothering her, is to come and get in bed next to me. Whatever was bothering her is long gone as she is sound asleep next to her mom.


  1. Rick Phillips

    I knew I was an amazing dad when my son called from college to tell me he needed $500.00 to fix his car. He told his mom he did not need anything and immediately called back. Oh yeah, dad has this one.

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