Type 1 Diabetes

I Can

When I was around 18 years old, I went to the gynocologist for a regular check-up. My doctor stressed to me how important birth control was, not because I was young, unmarried, in college, etc..but because I was Type 1 Diabetic. She told me that women with Type 1 cannot have healthy babies. She said it wasn’t an option. She said being pregnant would cause immense strain on my diabetic body..I wouldn’t be healthy and neither would my baby.

I went on to have two healthy, beautiful children. Sure, it took a lot of work on my part. I was lucky to have a great high-risk ob who worked well with my endocrinologist. But, I often think of myself as being “lucky” to have had two children. I’ve thought that if I ever had a third child, I would really be “pushing my luck”. All because of what one doctor said, one time to me, years ago. Looking back, could she have just been capitalizing on my disease in order to try to keep me from having an unwanted pregnancy? I guess so. But what she said stuck with me.

Women with Type 1 Diabetes have healthy babies all the time (maybe even right this second!) and I am one of them!


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