Type 1 Diabetes

Clean it Out

I’m almost a hoarder. A hoarder of diabetic supplies that is. It only takes one crappy insurance plan and one time struggling to get supplies, for you to hold on to everything you can and to replenish as often as you can. 

Can I get rid of the big black Omnipod case? Maybe. I mean, I haven’t worn an Omnipod in almost two years… What about my Dexcom G4? I mean, the sensor is completely dead and, like the Omnipod, I haven’t used a dex in two years either. Minimed Paradigm? Yeah…that pump was exchanged for my current one *ahem* two years ago too…. I might need the instruction manuals, for all of these devices that I don’t use, one day..right? 

But these supplies I need! (Seriously!) Do I really need to re-order every 3 months? No. But should I? Of course! I pay a gazillion dollars for health insurance, not to mention copays. At the very least, I should have a fully stocked closet shelf in case the Diabetes Apocalypse ever hits. 


  1. Kelley

    Yes! I re-order every 3 months religiously even though I don’t need any supplies! I’ll be prepared too for the Diabetes Apocalypse 🙂

  2. Katy

    I love seeing the insides of people’s closets!

    I’m forever asking CVS, Animas, Dexcom…can’t you just send it AUTOMATICALLY as SOON AS YOU legally CAN?

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