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Chuck It

If you have a chronic illness, you can spend a lot of time thinking about what you want to do, but can’t at the time. Your bucket list can go on and on and sometimes it feels achievable while other times it can be depressing. 

Let’s change things up. What would go on your Chuck It list? (Your Chuck It list is things you have done and will never do again and/or things you have zero interest in ever trying) 

For me the following things come to mind:

Tilt-A-Whirl? Nope, never again. Pretzel M&M’s? Yuck. Drink a glass of milk? Not since I was 9 (there’s a story there you can read on my first post…) and hopefully never again. 

I’ve created a Pinterest board so in addition to pinning all over the wonderful things I hope to accomplish as my illness allows, I can also have the power to pin things I have no interest in ever doing. 

I’d love to hear what would go on your Chuck It list- please share in the comments!


  1. Jessie

    Climbed the steps to the great tiger cave temple in Thailand. A couple thousand steps straight up the mountain with steep cement steps, high, low, wide, narrow. Was in soooo much pain, nausea, fatigue, but made it to the top and back down. What a sight, almost gave up, but I CONQUERED @!!!

  2. Rick Philips

    Most everything I do I really like. However, the one thing I felt i needed to be happy was a doctorate. Yeah not again, that is over. Loved doing it, but I am done. Unless, ahh?

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of July 25, 2016.


    (why am i done? Sheryl says so an awful lot)

  3. Brittany W

    So much stuff that could be on my chuck it list. Having another kid, going to France (I don’t know why but I have never had the desire to visit France), reading LOTR, watching Star Wars…

  4. Kim

    Yes! I need a chuck it list!
    Things I have no interest in trying: skydiving, hiking the Appalachian trail (oh, I could go on and on)
    Things I’ll never do again: I’ll have to agree with your pretzel m&m’s. Yuck!

  5. Karen

    Love this idea!!!! I don’t want to scuba dive. I don’t want to sky dive. I’ll never ride another roller coaster. Or eat any kind of bean besides jellybeans!! 🙂

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