Brrr! It’s Cowl Time!

With the weather in Baltimore getting chillier and chillier…especially when your office still runs the air conditioning every afternoon..it’s time to start wearing stuff that will keep you warm. For me, it’s finally giving in to wearing flats with ugly pantyhose looking things socks, trading my puffy vests in for coats (still working on this transition), and wearing a scarf every day. But, what if the scarf just isn’t warm enough? Enter, the cowl. I’ve been pinning plenty of scarf and cowl patterns over the past few months. I think I’ve finally found the one I’m going to make. Tonight.


Visit the awesome blog: everything else we do, to see the instructions and more photos.

Why do I love this pattern?

  • Two words- Straight. Needles. Circulars and I just don’t get along. We’re working on our relationship.
  • The buttons! Did you see the buttons? I love them.
  • And because, of course, it looks super cozy and warm.

Stay tuned to see how mine turns out!

The cowl is finally in progress! I’m using this really cool bluish/dark green Merino Aran wool that was passed along to me months ago.


Only about 20 minutes into this project and I’m already loving this color with the moss stitch

In case you’ve never done a moss stitch, it’s super easy. If you can knit and purl, you’re good to go. Here’s a quick guide:



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