Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA patients deserve better bandaids

It’s 5:00am on Sunday morning. As the rest of my house soundly sleeps, I’m awake. I’m exhausted, woozy, easily confused. One look in the mirror shows that I’m as white as a ghost. I’m so nauseous, there is a diet ginger ale bottle within a foot of me.

Last night I injected methotrexate (see the gorgeous color of this chemotherapy medicine). This is the cause of most of my symptoms right now. 

In addition to all of my methotrexate hangover symptoms, I still have my “normal” RA issues. I’m in a lot of pain right now but unsure if taking pain medications would upset my stomach more than it is already. Just holding my phone to write this post is causing the fingers on my left hand to swell.

We need a cure. My treatments, like methotrexate, aren’t doing much at all for my quality of life. Sure, my joints feel a bit better and hopefully some damage is being prevented when I inject my neon yellow solution every week. But I also lose an entire day of the week to recover from the hangover. A day that could be spent with my family but instead I’m relegated to the couch and bed. I lose my hair, my eyebrows, and my eyelashes. My infusions are great and with them comes an increased chance of getting cancer and/or extremely sick with an infection.

These medications are not cures. They are bandaids. Cheap bandaids that don’t stay on very well and are a pain in the ass to get out of the wrapper. If you can’t find us a cure, at least get us some good bandaids. The name brand kind, preferably with a Minion image.

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  1. Rick Philips

    I am with you sister, we definitely need better bandaids and I do not mean ones with funny pictures. Don’t get me wrong I love funny bandaids, but this is a little bigger issue.

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