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Daily Prompts Hope

Quote Me

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I’m playing catch up! The Daily Prompt for January 4: Quote Me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it and why does it move you?

God doesn’t give you what you can handle. He helps you handle what you’ve been given.

I have no idea where I read this quote or where it originated but I refer back to it over and over. It’s easy to feel that you’ve been given enough burdens- for me it’s my health. I thought being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 9 years old was enough..that was my one illness and I wouldn’t get another, lucky me, things could be much worse.

Then I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 2 years ago. And it didn’t come quietly- I couldn’t straighten my left arm, couldn’t walk without being in tremendous pain, couldn’t stay awake while getting my hair cut. I thought- why did God give me another disease? Why do I have to be so sick when it seems like everyone around me is healthy.

About a year after my diagnosis, my husband brought me back to church. I realized that my God wouldn’t want me to be in pain, He wouldn’t want suffering for any of his children. I realized that if I leaned into Him, rather than pulling away out of anger, that things would seem better, they would be better. And they are.

As for the icing on the cake (so far), I was diagnosed with asthma a few months ago. I was very ill beforehand, yet I never lost faith. I could feel God by my side, reminding me that even though things weren’t ok, they were ok.

Daily Prompts Type 1 Diabetes

Kick It

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I’m playing catch up! The Daily Prompt for January 3: Kick It

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list..maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t. But, while thinking about this post, I’ve come up with one item. I’d like to take a trip, by myself. Not because I want to get away from my family but because I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I’m extremely independent, I can’t stand depending on others (I’m working on it), but a trip on my own sounds a little scary. I’d like to force myself to go away, even just for a weekend, somewhere that I’d have to use air transportation to get to.

Since I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and have to travel with all of my medications and devices, flying makes me anxious. I hate being patted down in front of everyone and having the TSA act like I’ve somehow made a bomb look like a juice box. I always feel “safer” when someone else travels with me. For some reason having to slam a bottle of apple juice because I’m low isn’t as awkward if someone is with me. When I get finished with my pat down, someone is waiting on the other side of the line to joke with me or help me get my things together.

The thought of sitting alone in a restaurant for dinner, sounds awfully intimidating. Do I need to work on not caring about others judging me? Should I work on being comfortable while alone in public? Definitely. I think a trip is in order.

Daily Prompts


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I’m playing catch up! The Daily Prompt for January 2: Resolved

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution you kept?

Considering it’s January 17th and I’ve taken my vitamins almost every single day this month, I think I’m close to saying I’ve kept my New Year’s resolution.. but maybe we should circle back to this in a few months weeks.

Daily Prompts

Stroke of Midnight

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I’m playing catch up! The Daily Prompt for January 1: Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night when 2013 turned into 2014? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

At home with my two kiddos. Was it where I wanted to be? Absolutely. Did I want my husband to be at work? Absolutely not.

It wasn’t the end of the world- as you grow older you realize that your favorite moments aren’t always scheduled- they don’t always involve an all you can drink NYE ticket to a party out in the city, weeks of planning what to wear, where to eat dinner, what the kids will do, etc.. They are having your husband come home in the middle of the night, wrap his arms around you, and knowing that you wouldn’t want to start 2014 any other way.

Geek in the Pink

E-book Subscription Services

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I love to read but making time to actually decide on a book and then go get it at the library isn’t always convenient (yes, I know it’s a hard life I lead). I really don’t like paying for books that I’m only going to read once- mainly fiction. Enter Facebook. You know those annoying Facebook ads that pop up in your feed? I am usually quite successful at ignoring them but one kept popping for Scribd, so I looked them up.

Scribd and Oyster are two of the most popular ebook subscription services out there. I signed up for a free trial for both and since I don’t have my iPad with me to currently check out their apps, I can only share what I know about them from their websites. Both have a lot of offerings but not many new releases, except for purchase. But, they do have a lot of books that I’ve been meaning to read that either had a long wait list at the library or just fell off my radar. But- Scribd’s website actually lets you login and search for books, authors, etc. whereas Oyster only allows you to view and add via genre. I think creating my reading list on my computer is a big plus. If a co-worker mentions a book I should read, it would be great to quickly and simply add it to my reading list (or queue for my Netflix peeps). I’ve only been an account holder with Scribd for 30 minutes and I already have 20 titles waiting for me to read.

Will all of my reading make me think paying $9/month is a good idea? That’s to be seen. Considering I didn’t read a single book in November of December, it might be worth it.

Do you subscribe to an e-books subscription services or do you have some great books to recommend? Let me know!

Kittens PhotoADay

Begins With G

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Photo a Day Challenge 2014

I’ve casually participated in Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenges in the past but this year I’m going to try to do January all 12 months. It’s perfect for me to start today, January 2nd, instead of yesterday. Why? Because yesterday’s prompt was lunch and I didn’t have any..

Here are the prompts for January and by clicking here will take you to Fat Mum Slim’s January page.


Today’s topic is: Begins with G
This is George my fun little kitten!

20140102-120836.jpg He’s not as innocent as he looks- today he woke me up at 1am to show me the ball of yarn he stole from the basement.


Reading the Bible in Chronological Order (in one year!)

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I’ve tried to read the Bible from start to finish a few times. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very successful…

This time, I’m trying something new. I’ve found a great plan in my Women’s Devotional Bible, that puts the Bible’s events in chronological order. You read a little bit (about 15 minutes each day) every day, for a year. I love following plans but only when I start from the beginning. With 2014 hours away, I can’t think of a better time to start.

I’ve included a link to my Google Drive document that has the entire year’s plan in a printable format. I’d love to hear if you’ve done a similar reading plan and if you’ll be reading along with me.