Rheumatoid Arthritis

A Glimpse

I had my second carpal tunnel surgery 4 days ago (will cover that ordeal in a future post!) and have been recovering since. I have spent the majority of the past few days at home, sleeping or resting. I woke up in the morning when I was ready, not when my alarm clock went off. I ate when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. I became one with my couch and bed. Sure, I had painkillers prescribed by my surgeon but I didn’t need many of them. The best part of this was I had very little pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So what’s the problem? Well, this isn’t, and can’t be, my lifestyle. I have a fulltime job, 2 kids, a husband, and a home (and of course, Jungle George). I don’t usually have any time to rest during the week, aside from crawling into bed at 8pm. I definitely nap on the weekends but my RA pain doesn’t rest when I do.

I wonder how many less pills, injections, braces, and tears there would be if I won the lottery and could stay home to rest as often as I needed to. I wonder how much my quality of life would improve..how much more time, quality time, I would have to spend with my family.

Has anyone turned a glimpse like this into a reality? I’d like to hope so.

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  1. Wren

    I was laid off and couldn’t find another job during the recession. I’m a freelance writer now. I don’t make much, but I’m living with my mother as her 24/7 caregiver, so for the time being, I don’t need much. Not sure what I’ll do when she’s gone.

    All that said, it’s nice not to be running the daily rat race, but I do miss the social aspect of working. It was also hard, for a while, to rediscover my “worth” without a job. But being able to rest when my RA is bad is a good thing, and the stress level is usually much lower than it was when I was working. And I do love freelancing. 🙂

    Maybe you could look at working part-time?

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