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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yay for X-ray results!

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So every year, my rheumatologist asks me to get X-rays of my feet and hands. I was slightly overdue and after some gentle prodding from my doctor, I finally got my images done a few days ago.

(Insert drumroll here)

Yes, there’s bone erosion in a few of my fingers but it remains unchanged over the past 4 years!

So why do I have any damage?

Getting my initial diagnosis wasn’t easy and looking back, that’s really disappointing. Why? I’m sero positive for RA. If any one of my doctors had taken me seriously, early on, and done a simple blood test, I could have started treatment earlier.

Speaking of starting treatment early, I wish I had known to be more aggressive. I started a low dose of methotrexate and remained on it for over 6 months before begging for a biologic. A lot of my bone erosion (hips, hands) occurred up to this point.

So what do I think I’ve done right?

I’m now aggressive. I don’t give biologic a an excessive amount of time to work. I am quick to call my doctor if I’m not getting what I expect from the medication.

Because I have 2 other autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s and Type 1 Diabetes), I can get sick easily and my doctors are quick to pull me off medications if I catch something. I do what I can to avoid catching anything and quickly see my PCP for treatment if needed.

I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 6.5 years and all I can hope is that when I hit the 10 year mark, I can share that my hands are still going strong! (And hopefully I can share similar news about my feet soon!)