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Type 1 Diabetes

Make diabetes suck less by giving mySugr a try!

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I have been given a mySugr bundle in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the company providing the items. Affiliate links are included in this post.

For a long time, I’ve been meaning to research some of the unlimited test strip programs out there (for example- you pay a monthly fee and have strips replenished as you need them at no additional charge). I hated that my health insurance dictated how many strips and what brand of strips I had to use, if I wanted my prescription to be covered. I’ve wondered if these products would help parents, who are doing multiple fingersticks a day, for whatever reason (CGM errors, lack of CGM access, etc.), save a bit of money and time.¬†Enter mySugr and their awesome motto “Make diabetes suck less“!

So what or who is mySugr?

mySugr is a patient focused company that have made diabetes a bit more playful and fun (did I really just type diabetes and fun in the same sentence?!). Their goal is quite simply, to make diabetes suck less. Diabetes sucks. It just does, so how exactly does mySugr make it any better to live with? Read on!

The mySugr bundle service

I get pretty excited when I hear the word “bundle”. It sounds like I get “extras” and a bunch of items that go well together and mySugr lives up to my bundle expectation. Here’s what you get:

Blood glucose meter

  • I know, you have a meter. If you’re like me, you have a few. I thought the last thing I needed was another meter. But I love this one!
  • You receive an Accu-Check Guide connected meter. What does connected mean? It means it automatically sends your readings to your smartphone’s app!
  • It’s tiny, fast, and easy to use.


  • Shhh! I know! You have a ton of lancets because maybe you change yours as often as me which is slightly less than once a year (gasp).
  • I can say that the FastClix Lancing Device is fancy. Why? It has a drum of lancets so maybe you’ll be more apt to change it because you’re changing a handful at a time? I’ll try to do it myself..
  • And since you’ll now be changing your lancet ALL THE TIME, you’ll appreciate the extra box of them included in your bundle.

Test strips

  • Yes, it includes unlimited test strips. What does that mean exactly? It means that as you use them (and remember, the meter connects to the app?), mySugr will automatically replenish them when needed. No visit to the pharmacy, no arguing that it’s too soon to refill. None of that.
  • To start you off, you receive 5 boxes of Accu-Check Guide strips!

Upgrade to mySugr PRO

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

  • Just to clarify, you don’t get a real live CDE delivered to your house. But in a way, you kind of do!
  • Through the mySugr app, you have full access to a Certified Diabetes Educator, literally at your fingertips.

My thoughts

So does my diabetes suck any less after giving the mySugr Bundle a try? Yes!

First, I love that the meter automatically syncs to the app on my phone. Yes, I have a continuous glucose monitor and an insulin pump. Yes, they collect data but I don’t use them. Why? They’re a pain. If I want to see my pump data, I have to attach my pump to my computer to download. Sure, my CGM has data at my fingertips but I can’t easily see if I was high because I over did a low, was in pain, bolused too little, etc.

The mySugr app allows me to log everything.

  • the type of food I ate (whole grain, fast food, alcohol, etc.)
  • how I was feeling (headache, menstruation, in pain, tired, at work, etc.)
  • how much insulin I bolused for carbohydrates and/or a correction
  • and more- activity, temp basal, open space for notes..

As we know, almost everything seems to affect our blood sugars. As a diabetic who also has Rheumatoid Arthritis, being able to note my pain and activity helps me tremendously. I can come up with a plan with my endocrinologist to better address my higher blood sugars that result from RA flares. This type of logging allows me to have a real insight into things that may cause fluctuations and to be better prepared for them in the future. The less of a disruption diabetes is, the less it sucks!


Yay, a chance for you to give mySugr a try! We’re giving away two, 6-month mySugr Bundle subscriptions (a value over $900) to new mySugr Bundle users in the United States. See how to enter below and good luck!

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