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E-book Subscription Services

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I love to read but making time to actually decide on a book and then go get it at the library isn’t always convenient (yes, I know it’s a hard life I lead). I really don’t like paying for books that I’m only going to read once- mainly fiction. Enter Facebook. You know those annoying Facebook ads that pop up in your feed? I am usually quite successful at ignoring them but one kept popping for Scribd, so I looked them up.

Scribd and Oyster are two of the most popular ebook subscription services out there. I signed up for a free trial for both and since I don’t have my iPad with me to currently check out their apps, I can only share what I know about them from their websites. Both have a lot of offerings but not many new releases, except for purchase. But, they do have a lot of books that I’ve been meaning to read that either had a long wait list at the library or just fell off my radar. But- Scribd’s website actually lets you login and search for books, authors, etc. whereas Oyster only allows you to view and add via genre. I think creating my reading list on my computer is a big plus. If a co-worker mentions a book I should read, it would be great to quickly and simply add it to my reading list (or queue for my Netflix peeps). I’ve only been an account holder with Scribd for 30 minutes and I already have 20 titles waiting for me to read.

Will all of my reading make me think paying $9/month is a good idea? That’s to be seen. Considering I didn’t read a single book in November of December, it might be worth it.

Do you subscribe to an e-books subscription services or do you have some great books to recommend? Let me know!